Craving Freedom, Japan’s Women Opt Out of Marriage

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While being a warrior was central to a samurai’s life, they were also poets, politicians, fathers and farmers. Samurai played a pivotal role in the last 1, years of Japanese history. In fact, the history of that period in Japan essentially is the history of the samurai. In this article, we’ll examine the strict warrior code of the samurai, the honor system that shaped their lives, the weapons and armor they used, and the history of the samurai, from their murky origins in the 5th century, to the abolition of the samurai class in The samurai served many functions in Japan.

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A i Aoyama is a sex and relationship counsellor who works out of her narrow three-storey home on a Tokyo back street. Her first name means “love” in Japanese, and is a keepsake from her earlier days as a professional dominatrix. Back then, about 15 years ago, she was Queen Ai, or Queen Love, and she did “all the usual things” like tying people up and dripping hot wax on their nipples. Her work today, she says, is far more challenging. Aoyama, 52, is trying to cure what Japan’s media calls sekkusu shinai shokogun , or “celibacy syndrome”.

Japan’s unders appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren’t even dating, and increasing numbers can’t be bothered with sex. For their government, “celibacy syndrome” is part of a looming national catastrophe. Japan already has one of the world’s lowest birth rates. Its population of million , which has been shrinking for the past decade, is projected to plunge a further one-third by Aoyama believes the country is experiencing “a flight from human intimacy” — and it’s partly the government’s fault.

The sign outside her building says “Clinic”.

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

From the Guardian :. Its population of million , which has been shrinking for the past decade, is projected to plunge a further one-third by The number of single people has reached a record high. Another study found that a third of people under 30 had never dated at all. There are no figures for same-sex relationships.

Nuclear energy has been a national strategic priority for Japan since Japan’s reactors provide some 30% of the country’s electricity and this is expected to.

According to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research , in it was estimated that around 6. The practice of miai emerged in 16th century Japan among the samurai class to form and protect strong military alliances among warlords to ensure mutual support. It became the practice for those seeking a union between families and parents on both sides made all the decision regarding marriage.

Miai was a solemn practice and involved considerations that are not given as much weight by most modern Japanese people , such as family bloodlines and class. This type of miai is usually seen portrayed in films and television dramas. After the Pacific War , the trend was to abandon the restrictive arranged-meetings system. Modern forms of miai are still practiced in Japan today, although they are no longer as prevalent as they were in the pre-Meiji era.

There are accounts that reveal how parents pressure their unmarried children into arranged meetings that eventually lead to marriages particularly those who would assume family responsibilities such as those inheriting family business.

Women in Japan too tired to care about dating or searching for a partner

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Japan’s unders appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren’t even dating, and increasing numbers can’t be.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Friday he will resign due to a flare-up of his chronic intestinal disease, ending his nearly eight-year stint as Japan’s longest-serving leader, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, with many of his political ambitions unrealized. Abe, who just on Monday set a record of staying in power for 2, consecutive days, will leave office without achieving his long-cherished goal of amending Japan’s pacifist Constitution or seeing the Tokyo Olympics due to be staged next summer while still the country’s leader.

Abe said he had been able to keep the illness, ulcerative colitis, which led to his first resignation as premier in , under control for most of his tenure, but he started to feel fatigue from mid-July and was diagnosed with a relapse earlier this month. Abe said he thought now was the right time to step down from the top job as he believes the number of new cases of the novel coronavirus has been on a downtrend and he has been able to compile new measures to fight the pandemic, including expanding testing capacity to , a day.

While the race for Japan’s next leader is already intensifying, Abe said he will remain in power until his successor is chosen by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and he plans to continue his political career, running in the next general election. Leading candidates include Fumio Kishida, the policy chief of the ruling party and a former foreign minister, and Shigeru Ishiba, a former defense minister who has often been critical of Abe. The LDP will decide next Tuesday on how to hold its leadership election, with parliamentarians and representatives of local chapters likely casting ballots, according to sources familiar with the matter.

His decision to quit came as a surprise to many, including his close aides. The LDP president made two hospital visits this month, only a week apart, for what his aides called health checkups and follow-ups after he was reported as having vomited blood at the prime minister’s office in early July.

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Japan’s Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said that there is no need for the state of emergency in any region of the country anymore. Japan has lifted the state of emergency in most regions but five prefectures, including the capital Tokyo, remain under restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to reports, the government is planning to lift the state of emergency in the whole country on Monday and will announce the final decision after a meeting with a COVID advisory panel.

Earlier, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe noted the government could lift the state of emergency before May 31, when it is set to expire, in case the current coronavirus downward trajectory continues.

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Japan is changing: a rapidly ageing society, a record-breaking influx of visitors from overseas, and more robots than ever. That’s where the country’s young people come in. Gen J, a new series by BBC Worklife , keeps you up to speed on how the nation’s next generation is shaping the Japan of tomorrow. Yusuke Tsuen, 38, is the proprietor of Kyoto’s Tsuen Tea, a tea house nearing years old. He says picking up the family business was a no-brainer to him Credit: Bryan Lufkin. In , there were over 33, businesses in Japan over a century old, according to research firm Teikoku Data Bank.

The oldest hotel in the world has been open since in Yamanashi and confectioner Ichimonjiya Wasuke has been selling sweet treats in Kyoto since Osaka-based construction giant Takenaka was founded in , while even some global Japanese brands like Suntory and Nintendo have unexpectedly long histories stretching back to the s. But what is it about Japan that produces these long-lasting businesses? And in a global era defined by scrappy start-ups that push boundaries at lightning speed, do they have anything to teach us?

At Tsuen Tea, Tsuen says many of his childhood friends in Kyoto also happened to be born into centuries-old family-run companies. I thought I was taking over the business. It was natural. Many shinise are recognised brands around the world.

Japanese No Longer Dating

Marriage in Japan is a legal and social institution at the center of the household. Couples are legally married once they have made the change in status on their family registration sheets , without the need for a ceremony. Most weddings are held either according to Shinto traditions or in chapels according to Christian marriage traditions. Traditionally, marriages were categorized into two types according to the method of finding a partner— omiai , meaning arranged or resulting from an arranged introduction, and ren’ai , in which the husband and wife met and decided to marry on their own—although the distinction has grown less meaningful over postwar decades as Western ideas of love have altered Japanese perceptions of marriage.

The institution of marriage in Japan has changed radically over the last millennium.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will step down from his post due to health “As I am no longer in a condition to respond confidently to the it was “the highest priority” for his administration, and no date has been fixed.

TOKYO — Nippon Professional Baseball’s season openers will not take place in May due to the coronavirus pandemic , with no firm date set for the start. Representatives of the 12 teams also decided Friday to scrap interleague play. The removal of 18 interleague games from each team’s calendar would make for a game regular season.

Although no specific date had been set to start the season, the representatives agreed in an online meeting to not start before the end of May. The interleague games between the Central and Pacific leagues have started in May since the format was established in Both leagues were originally scheduled to open play March Opening day was then reset for April 10 and then again for April Earlier this month, the teams gave up on fixing a starting time. This year’s original early start was designed to allow for a three-week break in the summer for the Tokyo Olympics.

After the March 24 announcement that the Olympics would be postponed until next year, that break was no longer needed, and teams still held out hope of playing a full game schedule. That hope ended Friday. Taiwan’s four-team Chinese Professional Baseball League opened its season last weekend with games played without spectators.

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The 8 biggest differences between dating in Japan and America

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Processing Requirements Note: Exporters are advised to work closely with their importer regarding Japanese standards of meat products intended for export to Japan. The information presented below is not inclusive of all the details of the standards of composition and manufacture.

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To date, the total number of confirmed infected worldwide has surpassed 6,, and , deaths. The government of Japan has begun strict measures to curb the virus from spreading further. Most prefectures are operating normally, except for Tokyo, which planned to return to normalcy in phases. Support is available in English, Chinese, and Korean 24 hours a day. What can you do to protect yourself?

What events have been affected? Will the virus impact travel plans outside of Japan and greater Asia? Here is the most up-to-date run-down we can give. It is worth noting, however, that because this is a new and fast-spreading virus, what we know now could change in the future. In Japan, there are more than confirmed deaths.

By comparison, the total number of confirmed deaths in the United States is more than , As reported by The Asahi Shimbun , it was confirmed in late March that one in four coronavirus infections in Japan were from abroad.

Marriage in Japan

Data for year The first two reactors to restart after the March accident at Fukushima Daiichi did so in August and October Since then, a further seven have restarted, and 18 are at various stages in the process of restart approval. Despite being the only country to have suffered the devastating effects of nuclear weapons in wartime, with over , deaths, Japan embraced the peaceful use of nuclear technology to provide a substantial portion of its electricity. However, following the tsunami which killed 19, people and which triggered the Fukushima nuclear accident which killed no-one in March , public sentiment shifted markedly so that there were widespread public protests calling for nuclear power to be abandoned.

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Pearl Harbor is a U. Just before 8 a. More than 2, Americans died in the attack, including civilians, and another 1, people were wounded. The day after the assault, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise , but Japan and the United States had been edging toward war for decades.

To this end, Japan declared war on China in , resulting in the Nanking Massacre and other atrocities. American officials responded to this aggression with a battery of economic sanctions and trade embargoes. They reasoned that without access to money and goods, and especially essential supplies like oil, Japan would have to rein in its expansionism.

Instead, the sanctions made the Japanese more determined to stand their ground. During months of negotiations between Tokyo and Washington, D. It seemed that war was all but inevitable.

How to Date Japanese Women (Their Voices) 大学生インタビュー(デート)【英・西字幕】

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